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We promote the transformation
of companies through technology

At Audio Video Gurús We Design Intelligent Audio, Video, Security, Voice, Data, Videoconferencing, Lighting and Control Systems. Our clients enjoy the advantages of automation and communication in their company and home, easily and safely.

Design of audio, video, control and schematic drawing systems

The current need to improve the internal communication of companies makes the development of comprehensive Audio and Video systems essential to achieve high levels of communication and collaboration for the benefit of companies.

Electroacoustic Systems Modeling

We use acoustic software tools that allow a simulation of spaces and coverage, in order to evaluate and analyze the best design and cost solutions, providing your project with quality and efficiency.

Installation and configuration of audio and video systems

We offer a high level of service in the installation. We have qualified and certified personnel by the brands we represent in order to satisfy the most demanding requirements in terms of quality and design.

Structured cabling and control

It does not matter if it is a simple or complex system, we have the equipment and technical personnel to design and install any structured cabling system that you need, maintaining quality and efficiency.

Maintenance and support of audio and video systems

Being available according to your needs is our priority to solve any inconvenience that may arise, we are committed to our clients in offering the best solutions for any case.

Authorized service and repairs

We have a technical workshop. If at any time your equipment fails, we will give you the solution. We are authorized in sale and maintenance by the brands we offer, we have personnel trained in service and maintenance.

Professional movie theaters

Cinema systems are designed for movie, series and gamers enthusiasts who can enjoy it from the comfort of their home.

Professional Audio Systems

Professional sound systems for large spaces for a high quality of constant sound and without interference for the enjoyment of the audience.

Audiophile grade Hi Fi systems

Hi-Fi Hi-Fi systems. This type of audio equipment seeks minimal distortion, so that the sound reproduces the original as well as possible.

NAS servers - home and office

The best network data storage solution, to share any type of file from any other device and at the same time manage content with a single platform and obtaining maximum data performance.

Audio and video systems by zones

We distribute the audio and video that enters through a source to be broadcast in various areas of a Shopping Center, plaza, hospital or waiting room of any establishment and also within a home.

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Video conferencing systems

Our systems allow companies, organizations and people to connect in a professional way with each other, using optimal image and sound resources that offer a quality meeting space.

Security systems and CCTV cameras

Security systems, cameras, CCTV. it is constituted as the greatest advantages of having an intelligent company, allowing the company's devices to be monitored and controlled remotely.

Recording and microphone systems

We design and install professional grade stereophonic recording systems used in general, distant or close miking of a large or small group, of instruments or environments.

Lighting automation

We design and install Automatic Lighting Systems according to climate, schedule and factors that you deem convenient and give an exclusive atmosphere to your office.

Biometric Systems

IP biometric systems allow personal identification, identifying physical characteristics of people through an electronic facial recognition system.

Control systems and energy saving

A savings system allows us to be aware of the importance of responsible energy consumption, promoting energy conservation and offering adequate performance and use.

Acoustic Treatment

The technologies to isolate or attenuate the sound level in a given space. It is usually achieved by acting on the walls (wall insulation) and windows (acoustic double glazing).


A team of trained and committed professionals.


20 years of development and experience.

Customer focus

We change people's lives.